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Gone Online

Hey there folks!

We finally had enough guts to get all the crazy projects we managed to put together over last years together in one Blog. We? Well… We are average electrical engineers in Europe that like to solve every day problems with, lets say, unusual approaches. Like every Nerd.

Gernot is the Genius. An insane one of course. 50% of his appartment are dedicated to his hobbies like model planes and electronics. Not to mention, that this is our little bat cave.

Daniel is the newest minion. He is a master in fixing everything you give him and if he cant fix it, he is at least dismantling it.

I myself have developed a fetish for LEDs. I put them in everything and on everything, but just as much as needed to make it look cool.

Out goal is to add as much specs, docs, files and pictures as we can to make it easy to follow for beginners. We also don’t like where that Arduino thing is going, therefore we will also show some simple and cheap ways to avoid them.


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